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I find it hilarious that nearly every Doctor Who book I’ve read refers to the 7th Doctor as “the little man” “that short man” etc.

I like to imagine Sylvester reading the book and crossing out any sentence that mentions his height and instead writing, “That handsome man”


I’m not short, I’m just cuddle size!

More like crossing it out and writing “the man that was in The Hobbit”.

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jefflion asked: I fear that all of the recent Moffat’s condescending comments to fandom mean yet another wave of retcons. All these seemingly pointless questions (has he ever referred to himself as [Number] Doctor, when was confirmed that he’s not human) smell like they might be future plots and future “clever” twists. It’s more than Moffat just being condescending to fans; I fear it’s actually him setting up the stage for his future plots.


Oh dear gods I hope not.

While I really wouldn’t be at all surprised if he was setting up more Mysterious! Doctor Of The Doctor! bullshit (And it all sounds a bit too specific to fully discount that), I think he’s mainly waving his “I’m a bigger fan that anyone, I know everything about the Doctor and know how to treat him with respect, and my interpretation of minute trivia shows I get it better than everyone else” card around.

Seriously, I think its just him playing gatekeeper fan bullshit. That’s bad enough when other fans do it, when the frigging showrunner does it, it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.   

My main comfort about the whole thing is that, because Moffat’s era is so convoluted and full of these mysteries and ideas pulled out of no-where, is that future showrunners are going to leave it well alone, just because its going to be too confusing to reference and make sense of. 

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Anonymous asked: Being attracted to people regardless of gender is Pansexual


So I gather, but I’ve been calling myself bisexual for fourteen years while being attracted to a whole mess of folks with a number of different genders, and, like most old people, I’m incredibly stubborn and fanatically resistant to the very idea of change.

I mean, I’ve seen and heard people saying that ‘Bisexual’ means only attracted to men and women, or even sometimes only cis men and women, but…to the best of my knowledge, I don’t think any of those people were themselves bisexual? I dunno. Again, this is just based on what I’ve seen, but I think that bisexuals and pansexuals are often pretty much the same crowd, it’s just that they’re from slightly different generations and have different words for The Thing They Is. Maybe? I’m still learning a lot about this kind of thing (and myself) from Tumblr and other sources, so I could be wrong.

Maybe I’ll end up calling myself pansexual if calling myself bisexual gives too many people the wrong idea, but I’m happy in a relationship that thankfully doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, so the whole thing’s kind of irrelavant anyway?

Guuuuh I have to be up in six hours, I should probably go to bed.

Thanks for writin’ in, Anonymous Friend.

As someone, who, even in my dotage, has only found words and idea that apply to themselves within the last couple of years, I’ve sort of but not quite settle on ‘queer’ as a really general catch-all for all my sexuality/gender stuffs. Its not perfect, it doesn’t quite fit (But then, what ever does?), but I’ve been leaning towards it for years, mostly in the use of the word “genderqueer”, but it seems to vaguely work for me. It doesn’t for a lot of people. Your mileage may vary and all of that. 

Even if you’re in a relationship, I think it’s still important to know who you are. Just because you’re not  looking or aren’t available, doesn’t mean its not important or meaningful to you, and it sounds like it is. I get that. I was in a relationship with someone for years who I loved deeply, but who never quite got me about these things. It didn’t really matter, and they didn’t have any problems with it, but I still felt like it was part of my identity that I needed (and need) to look into. It’s not something that goes away, and nor should it, I don’t think. 

It’s early(ish), and I’ve babbled at you, please forgive me.:D

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I have to say, I find it particularly hard to tolerate complaints about “fangirls” who have a crush on the Doctor when such complaints come from (ostensibly) adult males who are apparently unable to restrain themselves from making lewd and juvenile comments about Nicola Bryant’s breasts every single time they see a photograph of Peri.

That’s called hypocrisy, gentlemen, and it makes you look like a prizewinning imbecile.

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A plaque honouring the first producer of Doctor Who, Verity Lambert, has been unveiled at London’s Riverside studios, by theDoctor Who Appreciation Society 

The plaque, which marks the achievements of Lambert as a Film and Television producer, will be on display at Riverside Studios until the venue closes for development in the autumn, when it will be placed into storage and then permanently mounted at the new Riverside media centre when completed. 

Verity Lambert was Doctor Who’s first producer and the first female drama producer at BBC Television. She oversaw Doctor Who from her appointment in June 1963 until the autumn of 1965, guiding the series to a successful launch and laying down the framework of the series which still running today. After she left Doctor Who her credits and reputation continued to rise and she became one of the best known players in the industry. She oversaw such iconic productions as Adam Adamant Lives, Budgie, The Naked Civil Servant, Rock Follies, Rumpole of the Bailey, Edward and Mrs Simpson, Reilly: Ace of Spies, Minder, GBH and Jonathan Creek

The plaque honouring Lambert was unveiled by Doctor Who’s first director Waris Hussein, in a ceremony attended by the two surviving members of the original TARDIS team, William Russell and Carole Ann Ford. The event included a screening of the drama based on the creation of Doctor Who, An Adventure in Space and Time and a compilation of interview material, previously unseen. 

Riverside studios in Hammersmith London, were used by the BBC from 1954-1974. Although the first Doctor Who stories were recorded at the nearby Lime Grove complex, the series used Riverside Studio 1 for a number of stories between 1964 and 1969. Verity Lambert produced stories recorded at the site include The Dalek Invasion of EarthThe RescueThe RomansThe Web PlanetThe Crusade and The Chase

From Doctor Who News

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apparently it’s nineteen fucking twenty

what a stupid fucking comic 

Wow! Whoever made this is deluded

this just in: the anti-feminists still refuse to acknowledge misogyny exists, as it never has happened to them in their lives. also not so sure the sun is really there, or is just another conspiracy created to confuse the people. more at eleven.

"whoever made this is deluded" didnt this comic get made based off an actual experience like. this actually really happened.

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